This board layout took over 100 hours to concept, illustrate and color. It still is, to this day, the biggest, most involved illustrations Matt has ever done. The gents over at Wiggity Bang Games gave him only one piece of direction and that was, it had to have a brick road as the game spaces. Other than that, go crazy. Being from New Jersey Matt snuck in the old Palace Amusements building that used to reside in Asbury Park NJ.
Many hours went into developing the characters that act as the game pieces. Here are descriptions of the characters: 
1. Batbileg Chinzorig - I can't say this character's name with out a heavy eastern European accent. BC is a Bat with delusions of humanity and the oldest creature in the land of Quelf. Hip Hop loving and decked in bling he will be more than happy to tell you about his adventures with Louis the XIV. 

2. Super Ninja Monkey - Stealthy and agile, SNM differentiates herself from other ninjas by her pink hair ribbon and Samurai Banana sword... and of course the fact that she's a monkey. When not practicing her secret craft, she spends her time studying The Tao Of The Banana. 

3. The Platypus - Plucky and resourceful the Platypus decided not to let a little thing like the fear of water slow her down or define who she is. She strapped on some flotation devices and tries to make a name for herself in Hollywood. She will innocently tell you her families deepest and most personal secrets with out thinking twice.
4. Mr. Lugnut - Simple, loving, rippled with muscle and none too bright, the biggest character in the game vaguely makes me think of Schwarzenegger for some reason. It might be the giant Lugnut instead of a head. His suit, slightly disheveled appearance and briefcase clearly show that he has spent his day at work. Where he works, no one knows. What he does, no one knows. From the look on his face he doesn't know either. All that matters is that he helps support his loving wife Mrs. Pickle Feather. 

5. Mrs. Pickle Feather - Loving wife to Mr. Lugnut and Donna Reed throwback, it is confusing why Mrs. Pickle Feather chose not to take Mr. Lugnut's name. Perhaps Mrs. Pickle Feather Lugnut wouldn't fit on her Bridge invitations. Despite being a giant Dill Pickle there isn't an ounce of sourness to her. 

6. Queen Spatula - Don't mess with The Queen or you will get a crack right across the noggin. Don't call her fat... don't call her sassy... don't ask her to sing old Ella Fitzgerald tunes or tell her that she bears a striking resemblance to Queen Latifah... the list of don'ts is endless. Ask her to lead. Follow if she agrees to.
7. The Biscuit Farmer - It's early to bed and early to rise for this long necked country boy. Hard working and optimistic, the Biscuit Farmer spends his life out in the fields, waiting for his biscuit crop to finally come to harvest. Don't be the one to tell him it will never happen or when his biscuits do finally break the earth's surface you won't get any... and rumor says they'll be delicious. 

8. The Dude - Cooler than cool. A Presley-esque icon from a forgotten day of yore, the Dude's life, from his birth till his inevitable death, centers around the open road. He was born on a moving vehicle and his bow legs reflect that he isn't truly comfy unless straddling his hog. Greased back hair, peg leg jeans and black leather jacket make him the guy that every girl wants.
The box itself went thru many different variations before landing on the neon orange style box. Through market testing and product placement on shelves, this variation stood out and tested the highest.

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