Cartoon wrapper for onsite hospital education cart
All Childrens Hospital

All Childrens Hospital came to Matt with an idea to do a cart wrap. The hospital has a teaching staff for children that have to spend a bunch of time there and miss months of school. Personally, Matt thought this was a great service and was gung ho to help out.

Since most of the kids are bedridden the teachers have to bring the classroom to them, so they pull all their teaching materials around in a cart from room to room. Looking at the carts, they weren't that friendly or attactive so we had an idea to wrap the cart and make it look like a bus. Now since the hospital is down in FLA we figured why not make the school bus and underwater school bus.

Below are some actual shots the Creative Director sent me so you can get a look on how it turned out

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All Childrens Hospital education cart
Cartoon wrapper for teaching cart
All Childrens Hospital
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